We are a team, that loves travelling and guiding, we believe that the world is our home. We are Matej and Ajda from Slovenia, proud parents of two young travellers, licensed tour guides, who regard travelling as a way of life and organizing tours and guiding groups or individuals as a mean of survival. There is no better thing then to have a job that you just love.

Togethere we share over 30 years of guiding experience, over 40 years of travelling experience, over 120 travelled countries

These are the numbers, but behind all the numbers are stories, which are impossible to count. Every moment while travelling or guiding is a unique experience. Together we count more than 40 years of being almost constantly on the road, 30 of them are guiding groups through over 50 countries of the world.

Spirit of exploration constantly guides us on new paths

Despite of all the years travelling, we still use every second of our free time to travel to new places or countries that we love. Even in countries we have been countless times we try to find something new, with each travel we see them differently. Travelling gives us inspiration and is how we live. 

We want to contribute to our world without changing it

We believe that responsible tourism is the only way to go. It can contribute so much to each country without changing them. That’s why our philosophy is based of footsteps, they make sounds while we travel but leave no footprints behind. The sound of our footsteps can bring so many beautiful and positive things, with the responsibility and respect to the visited country.