Gekko Slovenia gives you the freedom to create the adventure of your dreams. We can always start from scratch or use one of our sample itineraries and build an itinerary that will fit you. You'll tell us where you want to go, what you want to do, what type of accommodation you want to use, what kind of transportation,... and we'll make an itinerary that will suite you best.

Experienced travelers and licensed tourist guides

People behind Gekko Slovenia are experienced travelers who have all travelled, lived and guided groups extensively through each of the countries that we work inn. Together we share over 30 years of travelling experience, 25 years of guiding groups throughout Slovenia and around the world. With expert local knowledge we can offer our personal advice on the best places to go to, where to stay and eat, how to get around and of course share with you information that you won’t find in any of the guidebooks. You can rest assure that you will see the very best.

What you are looking for

We can tailor your itinerary around what you are looking for. If none of our suggested itinerary fit’s your needs, we can make it from scratch. We understand that everyone wants something different on their holiday. We have lots of wonderful ideas on places to stay, places to visit, things to do and see. If you wish to stay in hostels or farms, village houses, 5* hotels, boutique hotels, we can make it possible. If you want more activities like trekking, walking, cultural experiences, local food,… we can make it possible. And the best of it all, we can make the itinerary fit to your budget.

How we do it

Basically it’s very simple. You tell us the destination, dates of travel, theme of travel (food, cultural tours, historical tours, trekking, vacation…), type of accommodation you want to use and how you want to travel (public transport, hired cars, trains, boats...). The last thing you need to do is set the budget and we start preparing your holiday, tweaking it for so long, until you are completely satisfied with the itinerary.

Advantages of tailor made holidays:
  • Dates of travel: anytime, depending on your wishes.
  • Duration of travel: endlessly. From one week escapes or even shorter hops into different world, till month long journeys.
  • Theme of travel: completely adjustable to you. You can focus on culture, nature, cities, vacation, sightseeing, or anything else that might be in your interest. If you are interested in birds, you love to take photos and you need more time to do it right, you need some free days on interesting locations, you love to trek or do some adventure sports? Everything is possible.
  • Accommodation: you deicide. Camping, basic pensions, comfortable hotels, exclusive lodges, boutique hotels or 5* luxury hotels. We can advise depending on your needs and possibilities that each destination has.
  • Transportation: possibilities are almost endless. Renting a car, travelling by local train or bus, overland trucks, jeeps adapted for game drives, bicycle, horse carriage…
  • Optional activities: according to your wishes we can add some days for activities that are usually not included in the standard tour itineraries.  (Adrenaline sports, museums, cooking class, language class…)
  • People you travel with:  may you bee alone, a couple or a small group, you always choose your travel mates.