One of the most dificult things to do is pick the right tour operator for your hard earnd money and free time. Since there are hundreds of tour operators in almost every country, here are some of the reasons why we belive travelling with us is the best decision you will ever make.

We have travelled through every country that we work in

We know every country that we work in like the back of our pocket. »Our« countries are not only a place where we work in, but places where we feel like home and love to come back. We belive that only with expert knowledge of each country you are able to organise a really unforgetable travel.

Guiding groups and organising trips are a pleasure for us

We love our work. Our greatest pleasure is to work on new itinerarys, organizing our own travels and nevertheless guiding groups. It's not only our job, but our life, our pleasure, inspiration for each and every day.

We have experience organising trips

The most important are numerous satisfied travellers that have trusted us in the past. Guiding and travelling through different countries gave us pricelles experience for organising your perfect holiday. Our sister company Gekko potovanja organises tours all around the world.

We have the best local teams

The people that we work in each country are not just that, people we work with. They are also our good friends with whom we spend a lot of our free time. They are an esential part of every trip since they make each travel richer with their experience and local knowledge of their own country.

Maximum for your time and money

Every travel is prepeared in a way that we make the best use of your travelling days and make the most of your time and money. You travel to get to know the country as much as possible. Let's face it, nobody travels for standing in long lines waiting for a ticket, spending hours in restaurants while trying to explain what you want, searching for hours for the right hotel and so on.

Our philosophy is friendly and optimistic

Every step counts – that is the base of our philosophy. Everything starts with a footstep and as many footsteps as we do on a travel, as many experiences we’ll have. Let’s try to do as many as possible and most important of all, the sound of a footstep is the nicest when it leaves no footprint behind.

Our attitude towards the country is our key to success – we love every country that we go to and they have become a part of us. Treating the country and its people with respect, friendliness and always offering them a smile makes the difference between just a trip and an unforgettable travel.

Positive footsteps are the right footsteps – we believe in a positive attitude to each moment. Footsteps are different, but when we see something nice in each one of them, they become beautiful, rich and full of memorable moments. Like that they are poetry to surroundings, because every footstep in life enriched with just a smile becomes an unforgettable moment.