Why You Should Plan Your Next Trip to Slovenia with Kids

If you are searching for a country to travel to with kids, look no further. Slovenia is probably one of the best destinations to travel with kids in Europe. Imagine a tiny country with just 20.000km2 with sea, beaches, mountains, rivers, forests, lakes and so much more. Slovenia is a land of diversity regarding people, culture and landscapes. It offers a lot more than just common attractions and would prove to be a highly educational trip for you and your kids. Best of all its super safe and modern.

 Why Slovenia?

If you are planning a visit to Europe for the first time, or would be travelling with kids for the first time, then Slovenia would be a great place to start. Going to Slovenia with children would be an adventurous trip without taking them out of their comfort zones too much. Slovenia is the perfect mixture of tradition and modernism. It boasts beautiful outdoors as well as state-of-the-art recreational and accommodation facilities. So your kids would get to taste the best of both worlds. Following are a few reasons why you should make your next trip to Slovenia with children. 

For the Adventure 

Holidays are not about digging into the complimentary welcome basket at your hotel room. It is about getting down to business and soaking in as much adventure as you can. Slovenia not only offers adult experiences like Paragliding off a mountain but also has many adventurous activities for children. Go rafting, canyoning, to many adventure parks all around the country. Take a hike on many well-maintained nature paths or climb one of the easier peaks. Soak up the sun on Slovenia’s beaches or walk through beautiful villages along the coast.  You can also take your kids for paintball, horse riding, explore caves,… the options are limitless. 

For the Nature 

Slovenia is green, super green.  Over 60% of Slovenia is covered by forests and many are protected as reserves or national parks. Most famous and one of the most beautiful is Triglav National park. You can drive through the park, on you walk on many trails or take a guided tour with one of the local guides.  

For the Ease of Travel 

Slovenia is small and you can cross it in a car in 2 hours. With that in mind, all destinations are easy to reach. Kids do not like to spend hours in the car, bus or a train. While travelling through Slovenia you can see everything and drive just a little bit. If not keen on driving, (roads are good) you can hop on a bus or train and just enjoy the scenery. 

While in Slovenia, you will also have endless options on picking your hotel. From luxury 5 star hotels, to spa’s, tourist farms, apartments,… If you love the outdoors there are also many campsites dotted around the country. Slovenia is a place of adventure and excitement paired with comfort and modernism. 

If you are planning a trip to Europe, make sure your first leg is Slovenia

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